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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided the FAQs below to answer any initial queries you may have about SkillVault and / or our packages. Please select a relevant question below to view the answer. If you would like to speak with a member of our team please click here to contact us.  



What is Recruitment and HR outsourcing and how can it work for me?


Outsourcing with SkillVault involves an employer transferring all or part of its Recruitment and/ or HR activities to us as an external provider. Unlike some other agencies we can work with you to not only implement your Recruitment and HR strategy, but also to plan and organise it.


We partner with businesses to help streamline and enhance their existing processes and policies and save them money.


Here are some examples of what SkillVault can manage for your business;


  • Multiple professional CV databases.
  • Psychometric testing for all second interview candidates.
  • Review and appraisal scheme implementation and management.
  • Personal development plan and programme management.
  • Manage and update policies for current legislation.
  • HR solutions and disciplinary procedures.
  • Managing staff handbooks, data and email policies.


What are the benefits of outsourcing our HR and how can it save me money?


By outsourcing your HR and Recruitment with SkillVault you can receive all the benefits of having a full HR department for the cost of one employee.  Our services provide value for money and cost savings, with clear contracted fixed monthly costs for our services. We offer a range of different packages which provide various elements of Recruitment and HR. Please select one below to read more;


Talent Builder - In-House HR Team to get the best out of your existing team.

Talent Recruiter - In-House Recruitment Professionals who cut time to hire and find the right people.

Talent Manager - In-House Recruitment and HR Manager for growing businesses.

Talent Director - Full Service In-House HR and Recruitment Solution customisable to your needs.

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How do the packages work?

We have developed a range of packages to ensure our customers benefit from the services they require at a fixed cost. Each package is associated with a different fixed cost depending on what services you require from us.


To find out more about our packages please call us on 0121 435 0000.


How will your HR and Talent Consultants understand our business?


You will have a dedicated consultant who will partner with your business and deliver the full benefits of a team with access to expensive tools such as psychometric testing and CV databases. Your consultant will work at your offices to gain a deep understanding of your culture and values and therefore which people are right for your organisation.


What geographical regions to you cover?


We work with organisations across the UK.


What makes you different from other outsourced Recruitment and HR Companies?


The aim of Skill Vault is to be a next generation agency - one that cares about placing the right people in the right job. We take an ethical approach to recruiting rather than placing people only to steal them and place them somewhere else 12 months later.


Skill Vault was founded by a management team who ran a group of IT and software companies. We had seen the best and worst service that UK recruitment could offer and realized there had to be a better way.


Skill Vault is dedicated to sourcing the talent that will help its customer's businesses thrive. Our customers can expect from us:


  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Value for Money
  • Focus and Dedication
  • A long term approach to the relationship


I am interested what is the next step?


Why not contact us for more information on 0121 435 0000, or Click Here to email us.

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