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Your CV is a fantastic marketing tool; it is your way of promoting yourself before meeting with a prospective employer. Here are five things to remember when writing a CV application.


  • Always write a new CV for each application that you make, highlight relevant information that ties in with experiences in a similar role.
CV Tips
  • Keep it interesting - Keep it short, easy to read and if you need to highlight any information use bullet points as employers usually only have a few minutes to glance over CV's.
  • Emphasise the abilities you want to use at your next employer.
  • Gaps in Employment - Always be honest! If the company asks you need to show them that you are dependable and ease any uncertainties that the employer may have, it is simply better to explain the situation in the most realistic way possible.
  • CV Weaknesses - It is imperative that you understand what your development areas are, as well as your strengths. You will more than likely be questioned on what is unclear on your CV i.e.

                    1.         Missing skills, experience or knowledge.

                    2.         Patchy career history.

                    3.         A lot of employers.

                    4.         Having only worked for one employer.


Of course this list is by no means exhaustive, and you may still feel that your CV lacks that sparkle that will help you get the interview you want. If that's the case then why not send us your CV so we can help you to sell yourself to potential employers.


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