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Top Ten Interview Tips


As experts in the Recruitment field we understand what our clients look for in interviews. We have compiled some key points below:


  • Make a great impression - Be 10 minutes early, make sure you have the correct address, time, and who you are meeting with confirmed.
Top Ten Interivew Tips
  • Ensure that you are smart, presentable and dressed appropriately for your environment.
  • CV- Take a copy of your CV and any information or documents that will aid your application i.e. certificates, previous references.
  • Prepare - Always research as much information as you can on the company and think about typical responses to questions that could be asked and think of examples that demonstrate you in a positive light.
  • Be clear about your strengths and development areas.
  • Be concise - Your answers should be accurate and to the point.
  • Be clear on where you want to go - employers do like potential candidates to have aspirations.
  • Honesty - Always answer any questions honestly.
  • Irrelevant Information - Be careful you don't bare your soul and go off on a ‘whim' when answering a question and tell the employer anything inappropriate or irrelevant that they don't need to know, ‘waffling on' is a common mistake to make.
  • Ask Questions - Always ask questions - if you cannot think of any listen to the interviewer and the information that you are told in an interview and ask anything that you feel is related to your application or the company.


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