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SkillVault are a unique HR service provider. We are specialists in outsourced HR, Recruitment and Employment Law in the IT and technology sector. We understand that to use HR Services, Law firms and Recruitment Agencies can be a costly and frustrating exercise, so we have created the perfect alternative especially for the demands of the IT industry.


Talent Packages

We differentiate ourselves by the way we offer our HR services and are passionate about helping to source and retain the talent which will help your business to thrive.

Our service promise:

  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do for you.
  • Value for money and cost savings, with clear contracted fixed costs for our services.
  • Shared goals - Our success is predicated upon yours, a unique position for our industry.
  • Focus and dedication - a dedicated named HR Talent Consultant for your account, who work at your offices and gain a deep understanding of your culture and values and therefore which people are right for your organisation.
  • Use of advanced HR services such as psychometric testing to ensure that the right people come on board and stay on board.
  • A long-term approach to our relationship - Our first customer is still a customer. We are proud of that and we want every relationship to stand the test of time. The way we act is the only way to ensure this.

To read more about our packages please click on a link below:

  • Talent Recruiter - Fixed cost inA-house recruitment professionals who cut time to hire and find the right people.
  • Talent Builder - A dedicated HR professional working on-site in your offices for a fixed number of days each month.
  • Talent Manager - In-house HR and Recruitment for growing businesses.
  • Talent Director - Full service in-house HR, Recruitment and Employment Law solution customisable to your needs. 

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If you would like to find out more about our packages or our recruitment services please Click Here to contact us.
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