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Talent Builder - Your own in-house HR team


Wouldn’t it be great to have your own in house HR team at a fraction of the cost? Someone who  works on site with you as part of your team, and who will support you through all the ups and downs of employment procedures. Someone who helps you to get the most from your team. Well with Talent Builder from Skill Vault you can have just that.   




Who is this for?


   •  Companies that are looking for HR support but are not yet ready to employ a HR person in house.
   •  Companies who are growing and need to keep on top of employment red tape.

What will this give me?


   •  A dedicated HR professional working on site in your offices for a fixed amount of days per month.
   •  HR Appraisal Management services including reminders when appraisals are due.
   •  Introduction of 360 degree process, Personal Development Plans and Psychometric Testing.
   •  Advice on and management of retention programme, attrition avoidance.
   •  Advice on disciplinary processes, redundancy, gross misconduct issues, poor performance
   •  Advice and review of contracts and policy management – employee contracts, employee policies,
      procedures and management reviews.
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