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Talent Recruiter - Fixed-Cost Recruitment


With SkillVault's Talent Recruiter Package, you can do away with expensive percentage of salary recruitment fees and replace them with one simple fixed monthly cost from a partner you can trust.


Everyone knows that hiring new staff is a difficult, time consuming, risky and above all a painfully expensive experience, yet it doesn't have to be that way.

Talent Recruiter

We come armed with all the expensive tools that you would otherwise need to buy such as CV databases, Psychometric Testing systems, business networking portal access and more.  We work with you, not against you, to find the right people for your company at a fixed-cost per month, and bring them in to your organisation in a structured fashion, with good inductions that set them up for success.


Who is this for?

  • Companies that are fed up of expensive per candidate fees from Recruitment Consultants and want fixed-cost recruitment.
  • Companies that want a dedicated Talent Consultant who knows and understands their business and culture, and works with them onsite to help find the talent to make their business thrive.
  • Companies that want an end to end service comprising position advertising, candidate acquisition and qualification and interview management through to contract signing and first day / induction services.

What will this package provide?

  • A dedicated talent consultant working in your office for a fixed amount of days per month.
  • Access to CV banks and free psychometric testing for all candidates you take to 2nd interview.
  • Reference service to reference new hires and background / criminal record check.
  • A clear fixed cost of hiring with no nasty surprises.

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